GDPR Services for Schools

If you’re looking for specialist GDPR and Data Protection advice and support, you’ve come to the right place.

We realise the value of getting the guidance and assistance when it comes to GDPR and that’s why we offer a wide range of services and training programmes.

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With our help your school will be up to date and compliant with the rules and regulations that effect educational establishments.

How Can We Help?

Data Protection Toolkit For Schools

Firstly, we recommend that you purchase our Data Protection Toolkit for Schools. This is a specific resource designed to guide schools through the compliance issues of The Data Protection Act and GDPR. There is a wealth of information to help you including templates that cover issues such as:

  • Policies
  • Model Documents & Forms
  • Audits & Compliance checklists
  • Subject Access Request Guidance
  • Managing Breaches and Complaints
  • Training for Staff and Governors

Outsourced DPO Service

Finding the right person to be the DPO in a trust or school can be difficult. The necessary level of independence, combined with knowledge of GDPR and Data Protection laws – but with an in depth understanding of the life of a school can be a challenge. The interaction of Data Protection, with safeguarding, regulatory obligations and statutory expectations is a complicated mix.

The DPO needs to be sufficiently independent of school  procedures, management and operational responsibility to fulfil the statutory obligations of the role. In many settings there is no-one who can take this task on.

Our outsourced DPO service is an independent service offered on a limited basis to a number of schools and trusts. The DPO service includes:

  • Dedicated support
  • Management of GDPR obligations
  • Template documents
  • Support when data protection arises in safeguarding matters with the police, social care and the courts
  • Achieving compliance
  • Counter measures and data protection impact assessments
  • Expert advice regarding data protection law and practice
  • Direct reporting to the governing board and the SLT
  • Being the contact point for the ICO and management of any breach or investigatory process

This also includes free attendance for a delegate on each of our training courses and webinars.

DPO Support

In some trusts and schools a DPO has been appointed on the basis that they access the necessary legal and regulatory support.

Our DPO support package includes a review of the actions taken to date, a dedicated support helpline for each school and the opportunity to access extra advice as needed and to book onto our training courses at preferential rates.

GDPR Training

We provide a range of training opportunities directly to schools and academies. These can be for individual schools, groups of schools who work with one another or events that we arrange on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Training covers basic GDPR and Data Protection, being a DPO for schools and trusts, managing Subject Access Requests, complaints and breaches.

Training for school GDPR leads, Heads and SLT, Governors and Trustees can be delivered in person or by webinar or web conferencing.

If you would like to know more about our GDPR services for schools. Please fill in the contact form on the website or get in touch by phone on 0333 7729 763.