Trust and Governance Structures – How Can I Help You?

I provide a service for trusts and governing bodies that is tailored to your needs. If it is required I can complete an External Review of Governance by:

  • Looking at policies and procedures together with committee structure and the details of previous meetings
  • Attend one or more governing body meetings as an independent observer
  • Addressing areas of concern
  • Provide support after an OFSTED inspection or Section 48 diocesan inspection

Governance can be challenging. However, the experience I have gained over many years of being a school governor and solicitor has given me a detailed understanding of the responsibilities and demands of the role. I draw on my experience when collaborating with and advising governing bodies and boards of trustees.

If you need help:-

  • Reviewing your governance or trust structure
  • Changing parts of your constitution
  • Making sure you are compliant with current guidelines and regulations
  • Making changes to increase efficiency
  • Updating and improving Schemes of Delegation

I am able to offer a consultancy service that enables that critical role of governors to fulfil their obligations to be strategic and providing appropriate scrutiny of the school or academy trust

If you want more information about the help I and my team can provide, please fill in the contact page on the website or give me a call on 0333 7729 763 for a no obligation informal chat.